When you leave your home in Kildare to go to a gym you will find that usually the gym will be full of people. This would then disadvantage you firstly because of the fact that you are then not guaranteed to be able to use the machine that you are wanting to use in that particular gym which would mean that in some cases you would then need to go and use an alternative piece of equipment. For those who may be a bit self conscious about their weight they then might be reluctant and hesitant to go to the gym. Tone At Home can offer those in Kildare with an alternative to these problems.

This alternative is our gym equipment hire or sales . If you are pay as you go in the gym you will also notice that you are spending excessive amounts in the gym compared to what you would be paying with our gym equipment hire. Our gym equipment hire will enable you to work out on your machine at whatever time best suits you. It is also beneficial if you have any commitments as it means that you won’t need to fit around these commitments like you would normally need to do if you were going to the gym. It also doesn’t restrict you to certain times in the day or night either.

You are free to go on your piece of equipment as much as you could possibly want to go on it, as opposed to only being able to go to the gym at times that they are open. By using our gym equipment at your home in Kildare you are not only increasing your fitness level but you are also increasing the amount you would spend, more so if you are a pay as you go customer in the gym. We also give you an extra free week on top of your order as well! If you are in Kildare then we want to hear from you!



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Our home fitness equipment has been specially selected, so we can offer you high spec & high quality fitness equipment hire and sales.


We have a full range of fitness equipment for hire and sale in our warehouse, we won’t be beaten on service we aim to provide a friendly and professional service to all our customers.


So whether you wish to lose weight, get fit or maintain your fitness level, Tone At Home have the solution for you!