Tired of going to and from the gym? Tired of going into the gym and not being guaranteed to use the machine of your choice? Tone at home’s gym equipment hire ad sales  could be exactly what you need in your life. With our gym equipment  you can exercise at your home in Mayo at a time which suits you. It means that should you have commitments for example if you have children then you won’t need to work around it because you could just exercise in your home in Mayo whenever you would want to.

It would also mean that you aren’t restricted to a specific time, because as you know the gym is only open specific hours in a day, with our gym equipment hire and sales,you will be able to exercise at whatever time that you would want to exercise at. Furthermore the fact that you are hiring or buying a piece of equipment from us will also mean that you can exercise as much as you want which would mean that the chances are you will probably exercise more because you have more time to exercise and have the chance to exercise as much as you would want to instead of being restricted to specific time slots for specific periods in a day.

We have supplied our gym equipment to people in Mayo now for years and years and we continue to supply our gym equipment to people on a daily basis. You also will find that you won’t spend as much money as anticipated. When you think about how much you regularly spend as a pay as you go customer in the gym you will notice that you are probably spending more money than what you would be spending if you were to hire or buy a piece of equipment from us.


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Please call us before ordering to check for availability of hires and sales in your area

We have a full range of exercise equipment for you to hire or buy

Have a look at our range that includes, vibroplate hire, treadmill hire, cross trainer hire, exercise bike hire, rowing machine hire, spin bike hire.

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Our home fitness equipment has been specially selected, so we can offer you high spec & high quality fitness equipment for sale or hire.

We have a full range of fitness equipment for hire in our warehouse, we won’t be beaten on service we aim to provide a friendly and professional service to all our customers.

So whether you wish to lose weight, get fit or maintain your fitness level, Tone At Home have the solution for you!